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The 10 Most Influential Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

The internet has made education even more accessible than it was before. Why not take advantage of it? You’re here, reading our blog, right?! Here is our list of most influential photography bloggers that you need to check out! They will help you on your photography endeavors. 

1. Joe McNally

The first on our list is Joe McNally, an internationally recognized professional photographer. His blog is a nice mixture of behind-the-scenes photo sessions and individual photography tips, along with some video education opportunities- a nice mash-up of everything you’d want in a photography blogger! Joe also hosts photography workshops all over the world. 

It’s nice to see such an accomplished photographer offer their expertise to the industry. 

2. David DuChemin

An incredible humanitarian photographer, Davis duChemin has explored the world in search of compelling images. He has published countless books and tutorials, and has his own podcast and photography blog that aids aspiring photojournalists and documentarians on their quest to capture captivating stories. There are a slew of beneficial resources available on his website, and his writing style is easy to read and simple to understand! 

His career accomplishments paired with invaluable education resources makes David a very influential force in the industry. 

3. Zack Arias

Zack Arias loves to show behind-the-scenes snaps of his various impressive photo shoots. Reading about how a beautiful session was done is a great way to pick up on ideas, tips, client processes, and more. 

His work is very fashion oriented and high quality, with sharp clarity and beautiful colors. The blog is updated fairly frequently with all sorts of stunning photo shoots. His celebrity portraits are especially fun to read about it. 

4. Kristen Kalp

Kristen Kalp leads heavily with her personality (which is just as vibrant as her pink hair!). She doesn’t just blog about photography- she also helps with business coaching and opportunities to aid creative entrepreneurs. She reminds photographers that they need to breathe- and her refreshing and relaxing outlook on the industry makes this blog not only influential, but also beneficial to read. 

5. Two Loves Studio

Food photographers rejoice- there is a blog of tips just for you! Two Loves Studio is run by Rachel, an Aussie food photographer who moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2018. Her style of food photography would make anyone drool (and not just because the dishes are delicious)- they are the ultimate, quintessential expression of the current trends in food photography. 

Social media friendly and palette inducing, the Two Loves Studio blog helps everyone take gorgeous captures of recipes and dishes. 

6. Jasmine Star

For the still life photographers out there, Jasmine Star’s blog is a must. Internationally recognized as a photographer, Jasmine started up a blog to help photographers everywhere take beautiful images (and keep their Instagram feed looking poppy and fresh!). 

She shares her secrets on her distinct photography style, keeping colors and vibrancy at the forefront. Her blog also has some very useful business tips to aid photographers in pursuing their dreams. 

7. Michael’s Photo Tips

Unlike the others on our list, this isn’t exactly a blog persay- but a tutorial YouTube channel. 

We added Michael to the list because he did start out as a blogger and then dedicated his YouTube channel to tips, tricks, tutorials, and photo shoot vlogs. For some people, watching something is easier to learn than reading it. 

8. Jared Polin

The quirky nature of the photography blog The Fro Knows is exactly what pulls so many fun-loving photographers into Jared Polin’s writing and work. Jared has a large collection of useful photography tidbits that he shares with the world, even though he proclaims that he does know why he even started the blog in the first place. 

Jared Polin’s photography career is best known for his captures of the music industry, from individual musicians to live concerts. His quirky personality is what makes him such a highly followed and beloved individual. 

9. Marc Silber

Marc Silber is a best-selling author, photographer, digital filmmaker and adventurer. His photography books have consistently been ranked in the top best photography books to read. His blog takes snippets of his many years of knowledge and shares it for free with photographers everywhere. 

His photography career spans a variety of niches, all impressively beautiful. Marc is more of a traditional photographer, with a no frills approach. 

10. The LawTog

Although Rachel Brenke is not a photographer- she is a photography lawyer that has dedicated her career to protecting and representing photographers. Known best for her copyright infringement cases and contract writing, Rachel Brenke has a priceless legal blog to help photographers with their business. 

This is a must-read blog that will help protect you and ensure your photography business is set up properly. 

Rachel Brenke has become so influential in the photography world that you will seldom find a list that doesn’t mean the LawTog. 


In conclusion, keep these photography bloggers in your bookmarks or RSS feeds! Keep checking them out for more tips, tricks, and advice from working professionals. 

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