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7 Proven Tips to Get Your Photography Noticed and Gain Exposure

As artists, as much as art is created for ourselves, it is also created for others. We all seek the same validation, affection, and respect for our craft. When it isn’t seen, the three things we want can’t be given. As well as this, if we are photography businesses, visibility equals business. 

7 Ideas For Getting Your Photography Noticed 

Here are seven ideas to help get your photography out into the world! 

1. Create a Photography Blog

Creating a blog is a fantastic way to reach an audience, build a mailing list, and share your work with the world! A blog creates a community around your work and a platform of education for other photographers and even for clients!

A blog is also an easy way for your audience to share your images and still redirect to your website. Blogs tend to pick up very quickly, especially when shared on popular websites such as Pinterest where it can go viral quickly. 

There are many different blogging platforms to choose from. You can set one up on your photography website, or have a standalone via a platform such as WordPress. 

2. Get Featured By Social Media Accounts

Social media has a tremendous pull and standing in the world. In seconds you can reach thousands of people! Aside from making your own social media account, there are feature accounts that are prevalent on Instagram and Facebook which could boost your photography to a larger audience. 

You can seek these out by searching popular hashtags or usernames that have the word “Feature” in it. The profiles tend to have instructions on how to submit your work.

3. Create Very Unique Content 

The more unusual, unexpected, beautiful, thought provoking your images are- the more likely they are to become viral and noticed. Try to create images that are uniquely your own! 

4. Get Published in Print 

Magazines still exist! Especially photography ones such as RangeFinder. Having your work published in these magazines can expose you to a large array of people, and help build your photography resume (and subsequently, value). Magazines such as National Geographic love to host contests to find photographers. 

5. Become Active in Online and Local Photography Communities

Art is very much a community! With the power of social media, networking with like minded individuals is easier than ever. 

Join some Facebook photography groups and chat with other photographers, learning from their pursuits, rejoicing at their successes, and being inspired to find your own voice in the art medium. 

Becoming a part of the community is a sure fire way to get your work noticed! Even if it’s primarily noticed by other photographers, they can have the power to share with their own audience too. 

6. Enter Photography Contests 

Photography contests have existed from the beginning and still go strong today! You can find a slew of local, state wide, country wide, and international photography contests to submit to. Even if you don’t win, participating in the contest provides tremendous exposure to both industry and photography enthusiasts. 

7. Exhibit in a Photography Gallery

Print media is not dead! Audiences and critics alike all still attend art gallery exhibitions and thoroughly enjoy them. Having your work featured in a photography gallery can expose you to a whole community of art enthusiasts and collectors alike, sometimes even international success depending on the gallery’s reach. 

You can find galleries to submit to by looking up the galleries in your area! Many have open calls, competitions, or you can cold contact them via email and phone.


In conclusion, try a mixture of these above ideas to spread your photography far and wide. 

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